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Best Professional Windshield Repair Kits – Top 5 Picks

If I’ve guessed it right, you’re definitely not interested in taking your car to an expensive glass repair shop and lose a hefty amount of bucks. Well, you’re smart enough to take the internet searching for a cheaper solution. And you’ve made your way through to learn about best professional windshield repair kit. Lucky you! They are a cheaper and smarter solution indeed.

And to add up to this good news, you’re on the precise article that’ll help you choose the best repair kit for your windshield.

Windshield repair kits are very affordable and very easy to use. No professional experience is needed to fix the chips and cracks on your windshield with a repair kit.

Let's introduce you with some of the best Windshield repair kits in the market. We’ll also provide a brief buyer’s guide at the end so that you can confidently pick the right one as per your necessity.

Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

It’s natural that you’ll always want your windshield to look new and pristine again whenever you see a chip or crack on it. And for that reason, this Rain-X repair kit comes with such a cure that repairs your windshield leaving no trace of the damage at all.

The best thing about this kit - it cures your windshield within minutes. Its innovative resin formula helps it blend precisely with your windshield. The repair looks so perfect and transparent that you’ll hardly believe there was any damage in the first place. 

The package includes a quad suction pad applicator with 0.96oz of repairing resin and it’s extremely easy to use. This kit is capable of repairing windshield damages like chips or cracks and stars or bulls-eye. And besides repairing your windshield, the kit works on other laminated glasses including rear screen, side windows, and quarter windows as long as the damage isn’t much longer.

The Greats

  • Low-priced kit offers great value for money
  • Cures windshields within minutes
  • Innovative resin formula ensures perfect blend to the windshield
  • You can use it more than once
  • The repaired area gets stronger than before

The Not So Greats

  • A bit smaller plunger-top makes it less efficient on holes bigger than an inch.
  • Not effective on glasses with more than one layer.

Blue-Star Do It Yourself Windshield Repair Kit

This cheaper version of the regular Blue Star windshield repair kit is quite the same item using a high-quality resin. It has been formulated to stop the spreading of the crack while repairing it. It repairs almost every kind of windshield damages from chips to bulls-eyes, enabling you to restore a crack almost professionally.

The resin gets deep into the chips and blends in quickly. The sunlight then helps to dry itself in no time. But the kit is not so great repairing cracks even though it manages to stop it spreading any further. The kit comes in a general packaging with a comprehensible user manual.

The accessories include an applier and a wiper cloth to get you started quickly.
The repair kit is available in 2 sizes so that you can purchase as per your necessity.

The Greats

  • Cheaper price
  • High-quality resin firmly repairs various kinds of windshield damages
  • It offers you flexibility in purchase with a couple of sizes.
  • Stops cracks from spreading
  • Detailed user manual included

The Not So Greats

  • Doesn’t repair cracks so well
  • Imperfect syringe design makes it difficult to pull in and out

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

This windshield repairing kit from Permatex is a high-grade kit that deftly repairs bulls-eye defects of up to 1¼” on laminated glass windows.

This Canadian company is especially a maintenance solution provider for manufacturers of OEM parts and engineering corporations.

Therefore, they’ve made this DIY windshield repair kit more efficient than its other counterparts in the market. The package includes a detailed user manual that shows every step of its usage with photos.

The resin fluid doesn’t require you any preparation and enables you to get the repair done in a professional manner. It is recommended to do the repairing in a shadowy area with a temperature within 50°-70°F.

The resin does the curing in sunlight so it’s also recommended to leave the car for at least 2 hours in sunlight.

The fluid conveying system of this kit uses an effective spring-lock method. It lets out the air and fills the windshield defect perfectly with raising. As a result, you get a professional finish that makes it next to impossible to site the repair later.

The Greats

  • Repairs bulls-eye defects larger up to 1¼ inches
  • Super easy to use
  • Comes with a detailed user manual
  • Super efficient delivery system
  • No mixing required
  • Dries in sunlight
  • Cures irregularly shaped chips
  • Comes in both 6 in a pack and single unit

The Not So Greats

  • Longer curing time

Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit

This windshield repair kit from Blue Star is a fundamental repairing kit that is extremely amateur friendly and comes with a .027 oz tube containing repairing resin. And the applicator it includes is quite an applicator of a very basic type.

It’s a top rated product on Amazon that offers a fully detailed instruction manual of the whole curing procedure. It has been illustrated with suitable photos and simple explanatory texts that manifest the process pretty easily. It’s recommended by the manufacturers to conduct the repairing process in sunlight.

It’s necessary to get the best result. The best thing about the kit is that the ultraviolet ray from direct sunlight is used for the curing with resin. The resin is also a high-tech formulated that blends and dries so effectively that it leaves your windshield with a transparent finish. Therefore, you restore your car windshield almost anew. And it prevents the defected region to spread any further. 

The affordable kit works on shower doors and similar other laminated glass doors and windows as well. But it does have a downside due to its simplistic design. The basic applicator can cure only chips, stars, flowers and bullseyes. It’s not so good for repairing longer cracks.

The Greats

  • Cheaper price. Good value for money
  • The photo-illustrated user manual is easily comprehensible
  • Comes with super high-grade resin formula
  • Restores your windshield to make it look almost new

The Not So Greats

  • Using the applicator is a bit difficult
  • Not so effective on longer cracks

Permatex 81730 Flowable Silicone Windshield and Glass Sealer

This windshield repair product from Permatex is a much simpler version of the previous one we’ve discussed above. It comes in a simple packaging with only an applicator nozzle.

The flowable silicone glass sealer “Seeks the leaks” according to the manufacturer’s website claims. The wicking action silicone flows into tough to reach hidden areas. Forming a tough, durable, waterproof clear seal, it resists extreme temperature, vibrations, shock, fiery weather, and shop chemicals.

The sealer is able to fill voids of the surface, fix irregularities within the temperature range -80°F to 400°F. This is a trusted Permatex sealant that virtually seals any automated sealing applications. Its effectiveness is visible on windshields, vinyl tops, and electrical connections.

The Greats

  • Super delivery system allows it to flow into hard to reach areas
  • Forms a tougher, durable, waterproof seal
  • Weather, high-temperature, vibration, shocks, and shop chemical resistant
  • Effectively fills voids and flaws

The Not So Greats

  • Using the sealant could get messy
  • Doesn’t work well on larger cracks

Buying Guide - How you’ll choose the Best Windshield Repair Kit

It’s good for you to consider a few factors before buying a best professional windshield repair kit. Yes, they all work in almost a similar way but still, they are not the same solution for all the kinds of windshield defects. Do consider the following facts before buying your repair kit.

Damage Type

First thing, look closely at the damage. Determine its type. It’s important because different chips and cracks require different sort of repairs. And in some cases, they’ll require replacements instead of repairs. Moreover, the size of the kit you’ll require depends on the damage pattern and size.


It’s necessary to know the amount of pressure your windshield can bear so that it doesn’t crack any further since the repairing requires some pressure to be applied on your windshield. If it’s only able to withstand the pressure of a definite amount, it can crumple while you’re applying too much.

Resin Quality

Do inspect the resin that comes with the kit you’ve chosen. It needs to provide you with the finest transparent finish. You’ll definitely want your windshield to look like new. And the repair should last long enough to assure you that it doesn’t need any further repairing. So, choosing the precise type of resin is important.

Temperature Sensitivity

The windshield is likelier to stay a longer period in direct sunlight. Hence it’s important to determine its sensitivity to temperature. The instruction manual often indicates the temperature range the resin works best at.


If you’re opting to repair a larger windshield or multiple windshields, naturally you’ll need an extra amount of kits. It surely frustrates anyone who runs out of resin in the middle of a repairing. But in most cases, a tube of 1g resin is more than enough to fully repair smaller windshield chips

Ease of Use

Not all the repair kits are easily usable. Some could get real messier while applying and some could make you fumble with the applicator. Double check the tube head and the applicator. Make sure the kit you’re going to buy provides the ease you need for a frustration-free repairing.

Using a Windshield Repair Kit: Step by step Guide

Here’s a brief step by step instruction for using a windshield repair kit. Hopefully, it’ll give you a solid idea of the overall repairing process.

  • Wipe and clean the windshield you’re going to windshield crack repair. You may use mild detergents before wiping out. Get rid of all the specks or particles from the affected area. Also, you’ll need to inspect the crack for the measurement of the damage.
  • Unpack your kit and take out the suction kit or the applicator from it. Position it over the damaged area. Then the extension base needs to be inserted over the applicator. Thus you have your applicator extended.
  • The resin tube inside your kit pack does the actual repair work. Bring it out and place it inside the applicator then tighten it. Make sure it’s fairly tight so that no outside air can get into it. Now, press the syringe to pass 6-10 resin drops inside your applicator.
  • Now that you’ve put the resin in, you’re ready to tighten it up against your windshield. Place the screw that came along with the kit inside the resin compartment and screw it. Screw carefully until it’s tight enough. Wait 5-10 minutes to let it sit firmly.
  • After you’ve waited 5-10 minutes, you’ll need to unscrew and release the applicator. Remove it entirely and you’ll find that the resin has been congealed and the repairing has been done!

Now just place your windshield somewhere sunny and let it bathe in direct sunlight. Wait for 2-4 hours. The resin will cure itself. When it’s done, scrape aside the excessive resin from the windshield with a razor blade. Wipe your windshield with a cloth and you’re all done!

Wa-la! You now have a totally repaired new looking windshield.


Windshield repair kits are pretty easy to use. They’re capable of repairing your damaged windshield so efficiently that it’ll be impossible to recognize the defect afterward. The cracked windshields get new lives with these kits giving you better resale opportunities as well.

Fixing your windshield with the help of a repair kit requires no experience at all. The instruction manual that comes with it guides you with easily comprehensible instructions.

 Best professional windshield repair kit is like first aid kits for your windshields. Don’t just hurry to take your car to a repair store whenever a small chip or crack shows up. Buy one of these repair kits we’ve introduced you with and fix your windshield on your own, effortlessly, effectively.

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