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Best Child proof Cabinet Locks For A Safer Household

Installing the best child proof cabinet locks is a great way to secure your expensive cabinetries while providing good enough safety to your child. It’s natural that our little ones become more curious day by day as they grow up. They love exploring the house and handle new items around them. For that reason, choosing the suitable locks for your drawers and cupboards is a cardinal part of babyproofing your house. The best lock is something secure that’s easy for you to quickly operate but extremely tough to figure out for your children.

In this article, we’ll suggest you some of the top quality cabinet locks. We’ll look into their features, benefits, and more. Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure out the most suitable one at the end.

When it comes to choosing the best child proof cabinet locks, you are to know their types. You’ll find a variety of child-proof locks in the market for cabinets, drawers or appliances. Some of them can be used in the bathroom as well. Each of the types has different advantages and disadvantages. I’ll help you figure out which type you should prefer.

Magnetic Locks

I personally prefer magnetic locks the most. The best thing about these locks is that it never allows the cabinets to open at all. Besides, they are completely invisible from outside. They hardly leave any gap where the fingers of your little ones could get caught in. However, magnetic locks require precise installation for working properly. Any room for error could result in failures within the security. But the good news is, there are some magnetic locks that are supported with adhesive instead of drills and screws. Therefore, they’re easier to install precisely.

Latch Locks

The traditional latch-and-catch lock system is installed inside the drawers. It may create a small gap when your baby tries to pull it out. It risks their hands. Though at the same time it means you can easily release it yourself without the use of keys.

Strap Locks

The strap locks are flexible and easier to use. They can easily be wrapped around applications that you need to keep closed. It has two ends that are attached with adhesive. Most of them have release switches for easy operation. Children find it really hard to open.

Cord/zip-tie Locks

The cord or zip-tie operated locks are specially designed for cabinet and cupboard doors. They cannot be used on other appliances. They use loops to tighten up the handles or knobs together. Easy-to-operate fasteners are used to open and close them. This is easier to remove and replace than other locks.

Now let's have a look at our top picks.

Best Child proof Cabinet Locks 2019 | Reviews

BabyKeeps Child Safety Locks - Latches to Baby Proof Cabinets, Drawers, Appliances

Enter your These child safety locks from BabyKeeps are latches that effectively baby-proofs your cabinets, appliances, and drawers in no time. The discreet latches can be availed at a reasonable price. The easy to install childproof locks work for both babies and toddlers.text here...

3M adhesive attaches these childproof locks to each of the doors of your cabinet. The straps are strong enough to hold them shut. When your babies are not around, and you want to sneak in, simply push the release button and the strap will come loose on one part. 

Adults will find it extremely easy to use. The operating can be done one-handed. It's also perfect to keep your nosy pets away.

You can use these childproof safety locks on multiple purposes. They are both flexible and adjustable to work on flat surfaces as well as around corners. Extra heavy-duty 3M adhesive strongly secures your cabinets until you pull it off. Pulling it off is similarly easy as the installing. The package includes an extra 3M adhesive so that you can re-use it.

Moreover, you have the option to choose the color. The slim designed straps come in stylish black and matching white. They blend pretty well with your cabinets and appliances. So, babyproof your cabinets, appliances or drawers without hampering your room’s appearance. Surprisingly, you can also use it on the toilet bowl and lid.

This is a quality deterrent product that you’ll feel pretty convenient with. The only drawback is that the straps are attached with an adhesive that can be undone eventually by incessant pulling. Besides, pulling it off may leave some grimy residue on the surface. Still, it’s a product that’ll get the job done nicely for you with the peace of mind.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stylish looking child safety adhesive straps.
  • Easy to install, operate and remove.
  • Comes with heavy duty 3M industrial adhesive.
  • Babyproof latches also work for toddlers and pets.
  • Can be used on cabinets, drawers, appliances, and toilets.

The Downsides

  • The adhesive may leave grimy residues while pulling off.

Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks For Knobs

Do your cabinets have knobs on their doors instead of handles? Have a look at this lock. This is a simple cord system cabinet lock for knobs from Kiscords. “A cord designed for moms by a mom” as the company claims. The simply designed cords are free of complexities and super easy to install. Therefore, the use of screws, drills or any kind of tools never come into question.

The cords work only on knobs and not handles. Knobs that are up to 6-½” apart can easily be tied together with this locking system.

These cords are easier to use than other cabinet locks. Just put the loop around the cabinet knobs together and pull up the fastener buttons. This means you lock the cabinets with no drills, no screws and no adhesive. So no mess, and no hassle. Your baby will drag the knot quite a few times and then give up. Your cabinets will remain closed and safe.

Some parents get frustrated with magnetic locks since they require some efforts in installing. There are frustrations with the adhesive locks as well. They leave stubborn residues that are tough to clean. Moreover, they may ruin the looks of your expensive furniture. With this cord system lock, the struggle gets down to zero. You can always remove it from a cabinet and use it elsewhere without any mess.

Consider this locking system if you want something simplistic and easily affordable to secure your knob operated cabinets. For cabinets with handles, Kiscords has other products to choose from.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simple cord system cabinet locks. Secures your cabinet doors with just a pull up of the fasteners.
  • Offers 2 color choices to blend well with your decor.
  • Super easy to install. Doesn’t require any drills, screws or adhesive.
  • One cord can be used to secure multiple cabinets with easy removal.
  • The pull off is tough for kids but easy for adults.
  • Fits knobs that are up to 6-½” apart.

The Downsides

  • The adhesive may leave grimy residues while pulling off.
  • The doors may still open loose to the extent the cords will allow when pulled out. It may result in the contents inside coming out.

Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks For Handles

This is another efficient locking mechanism from Kiscords that use zip-ties. Similar to its previous counterpart, it comes with a simplistic design that’s free of complexities. But unlike the previous one we’ve discussed above, this one works only on cabinetries with handles.

These ties work on any cabinet or cupboards with side by side handles that are 1-⅝” to 7” apart. And it’s needless to say that it won't work on the cabinets with knobs. A simple military grade zip-tie strap secures your cabinets effectively.

It has been positively tested with over 120 pounds of force. The super easy installation can be done within a few seconds. Just wreathe the zip-ties around the handles, tighten the strap to the extent you need and fasten it with the attached fastener. It’s understandable how tough a task it is to undo a zip-tie even for adults. Your cabinets will remain safe from your stubborn child. The operation is equally easy. Just loosen the fastener and open and close it again and again. And the moment you feel you don’t need security for the cabinet anymore, simply just cut off the zip-ties.

The ties are great as locks and they are easy to operate. However, many users may find its design unsightly. But it’s very efficient as a quick and affordable locking solution.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simplistic zip-tie locking system.
  • Can be used on any cabinetry with handles 1-⅝ to 7-inches apart.
  • Strong military grade zip-ties can withstand forces up to 120 lbs.
  • Requires no drilling, no screw, and no adhesive. Therefore, no fuss and no mess.
  • Super easy to operate.

The Downsides

  • Only for cabinets with handles and not for knobs.
  • Doesn’t look that great.

The Good Stuff Quick & Easy Child Safety Adhesive Cabinet Latches

The Good Stuffs brings this catch-&-latch like cabinet latches to babyproof your expensive furniture. It’s a bit different than the traditional latch system though. It doesn’t include a latch with a piece to catch on, rather it comes in a single piece that latches on the cupboard or drawer lip. So it’s understandable that the installation is easy and quick.

Additionally, the latch doesn’t use screws and uses adhesive instead. It makes the installation more convenient. You won’t need any tool or hardware.

Just peel off the upper side tape, stick it on the cupboard surface, and hold it tight for a few seconds, you’re all done.

The lock universally fits almost all the cabinets and cupboards. Although checking and re-checking the compatibility is always a good practice. The lock may be adhesive supported but it doesn’t compromise the strength. The children will definitely find it hard to pull out. But the invasion-proof cabinet lock is easy to release for adults. You can release it by simply pushing down the spring loaded latch. Locks that are key operated aren’t this much convenient. It’s also a decor-friendly lock that isn’t visible when your cabinets are closed.

The design is innovative, and we’ve liked it, but it has a drawback that we cannot help but bring forward. The latch leaves a petty gap that your child’s fingers might get caught in. You must make sure the safety is confirmed. Overall, it’s a decent lock that effectively keeps away your kids and pets from your expensive furniture.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Adhesive latch. Doesn’t require any additional tools for installation.
  • Keyless operation. Only takes a push down of a spring-loaded latch to release.
  • An extra heavy-duty 3M adhesive used. Strong enough to firmly hold your cabinet doors tight.
  • Discreet and innovative design.
  • Universally fits most of the cabinets.

The Downsides

  • May risk your child’s fingers by creating a small gap.

Wonderkid Adjustable, Reusable Child Safety Locks

These adjustable strap latches from Wonderkid have been designed simply for everyday moms who struggle to keep their cabinets and cupboards safe from their toddlers. The straps are connected to your cabinet doors with strong 3M adhesive. They are easily movable and re-usable.

The manufacturers have made this lock to universally fit any of the cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and applications of 4” to 7-½”.

The length is adjustable for easier usage. It can hold the compartments tight both from top to bottom and from corners. The strong adhesive backs the flexible straps to hold them firm. It’s easier for adults to remove the straps and release just with a little push on one side. But your children will surely find it a hefty job to pull it out.

The easy to install adjustable straps require you no additional tools. Just peel out the adhesive tape, place it on the surface and hold it tight with your hand. The genuine 3M industrial adhesive that connects these latches doesn’t get undone so easily. But you can always pull it off and use it on more than one application. The package offers additional 3M adhesive as well for free.

The stylish straps come in 4 different colors - black, brown, white, and white-silver. So you have the option to choose the one that blends in well with your decors.

The heavy-duty and convenient strap latches could be a great addition for your child's safety while saving your expensive cupboards. It makes a useful gift for the new moms.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Slim and simplistic yet stylish design blends well with every decor.
  • Connects with industrial 3M adhesive and doesn’t require drills or screws for installation.
  • The package offers extra pads for re-using the straps. You can always use strong 3M adhesive to use it again and again.
  • Adjustable length lets you use it on almost any application.
  • Easy, one-handed operation for adults. Tough for children.
  • Easily removable and reusable latches save you money.
  • The packaging is eco-friendly.

The Downsides

  • Not so long-lasting as the company claims.

MyQualityProducts Invisible Magnetic No Drill Safety Lock

If you’ve been looking for a child safety lock but you’re not ready to compromise the genuine look of your cabinets, you may try out these invisible from outside safety locks from MyQualityProducts. These are strong, hidden magnetic locks that provide security to both your baby and your furniture while not ruining the look of your decor.

This quality product is entirely plastic-made. They are toughened with powerful magnets. Forget nails, hammers or any other unsightly tools.

Even though they are heavy, they don’t require any drilling or screwing to hold it in place. The installation is done simply, nicely and firmly with heavy-duty industrial 3M adhesive. Just by sticking it inside of your cabinet with the given tape gets the job done. A “no fuss and no mess” solution as the company claims. The operation is similarly easy. You can open it from a 1.6-inch distance with magnetic keys. It also lets you keep the lock unused when protection isn’t needed.

This is a complete set of locking system that won’t require you any further tools. It includes 8 locks, 2 keys, 8 clips, key-chains, and 3M adhesive straps. And to put a smile on your face, it comes with 2 great bonus items. You’ll get 4 protectors for table corners and 4 protectors for electric outlets.

A video guide also comes with this whole package. The complete and convenient locking system could prove to be a great safety solution overall.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Invisible magnetic locks give no chance at all to ruin your decor.
  • The installation is so easy with no additional tools required.
  • The magnetic key can work on wooden cabinet doors with 1.6-inch thickness.
  • Easy to operate for adults, tougher for kids.
  • Can be disabled when not needed.
  • Proper instruction for installation and operation is provided.
  • Comes with bonus safety devices.

The Downsides

  • Doesn’t fit all cabinetry applications.
  • The magnetic key breaks easily when dropped.

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks - Child Safety Locks

These Jambini Magnetic locks were previously known as “Safety Baby Cabinet Locks”. They are making quality safety products for children for quite a few good years. This is one of their quality deterrent products that comes with a promise to provide adequate security to your expensive cabinets while also caring for your child.

The lock requires a precise installation for perfect functioning. But, don’t be agitated since the installation process is extremely easy. It uses 3M adhesive tape. Just peel out the tape and stick. It can be done as quickly as three minutes. It won’t require any additional tools.

Adhesives come really handy for people who live in a rented house where they’re not permitted to drill any holes. Yes, adhesives wear off from repeated use, but you’ll rather want to retain the looks of your cabinetry than damage it with drills.

You’ll definitely want a product that won’t compromise the appearance of your decor. That’s why these Jambini locks are invisible from outside your cabinets. The whole locking mechanism works inside the compartment and can be operated by powerful magnetic keys. However, you may find it a bit inconvenient while working in the kitchen. Moreover, you must be careful with the keys. You’re not to lose them. But these magnetic locks always give you the option to turn off the system to operate the cabinets normally when your child is not around.

This is a precise deterrent product that keeps away your curious kids and pets effectively. Great choice for busy moms and grandmas who want to keep things safe from nosy children.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy installation with heavy-duty 3M adhesive tape. Requires no drills or screws.
  • Keeps the doors and drawers completely shut leaving no gap at all. Hence, it never risks your child’s fingers.
  • A secure mechanism that cannot be opened with constant pulling.
  • You can disable it when not needed.
  • Invisible from outside. No chance of ruining the look of your decor.

The Downsides

  • The installation must be precise.
  • Adhesive tape wears off with repeated use.

Top Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks

This Top Safety baby safety cabinet lock comes with a distinctive installation template feature. Many users find it difficult with other different baby safety products to perfectly align the locks with the cabinet doors. The same occurrence happens with the strap system locking mechanisms. The installation templates eliminate any chances of difficulties that may pop up during alignment. It ensures you run the perfect installation on the very first time. Moreover, these magnetic locks don’t require any kind of additional tools.

It baby-proofs your cabinets without any drilling and screws. It’s connected with the cabinet with heavy-duty 3M adhesive. The entire locking mechanism stays elegantly hidden inside your cabinet. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the look of your room is compromised.

The mechanism is operated with magnetic keys. 3 keys are included in the package along with adhesive key stands. The system is compatible with most of the furniture with up to 1.2-inch thickness. And you have the option to keep the locking mechanism unlocked and use your cabinet normally whenever you feel.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Installed with heavy-duty 3M adhesive tape. Requires no drills or screws. Extra tape is included for repeated use.
  • An installation template is provided which allows you to align the locks precisely on the very first attempt.
  • Fits almost any furniture with a thickness of 1.2-inches.
  • Adhesive key stands retain the magnetic keys in place.
  • Extra keys are provided for added convenience while using on multiple applications in different rooms.
  • A handy on-off switch lets you disable the lock whenever you need to keep it unlocked.

The Downsides

  • Pulling with persistent hands can fail the adhesive.
  • Installation must be precise.

KiddyByte Magnetic Child Safety Cabinet Locks

This easy and effectively functional and cool magnetic lock could be the precise item that you’ve been looking for to secure your cabinets. This extra large pack also offers you good value of your money. It includes 20 locks and 3 keys. That’s more than any other packs in the market. So you can easily baby-proof your large kitchen or other household cabinetries with these smart locking system.

This magnetic locking devices work like a charm and there’s no hassle installing them. This is not like most of the magnetic cabinet locks in the market requiring tools inconvenient tools like drills, screwdrivers etc.

Moreover, it hasn't any unattractive clasps or latches that are visible to all, rather its whole mechanism stays inside your cabinet and remains invisible.
So there’s no marring the looks of your decor. You can easily install this device all by yourself. It uses the extra heavy-duty 3M adhesive that is easy to stick to the inside of your cabinet. 

“Safety First” is what the product believes in. The technology of this product emphasizes the safety of your smart toddlers who are prone to injury while sneaking inside. The magnetic locks are easy to operate. The magnetic keys work fine on cabinet doors with standard thickness. You can always keep the doors unlocked turning off the flip switch when your little one is not around.

With the quality, quantity and the relatively cheaper price, this large pack of magnetic security system could prove to be one of the best deals available in the market. You can consider this item if you opt to child-proof your large kitchen or numerous household cabinetries.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Forget drills, screws or other complexities. Secure your cupboards with the heavy-duty 3M adhesive that won’t come off easily.
  • With an on/off switch it lets you turn off the mechanism easily when your toddler isn’t around.
  • Leaves no gap at all. So never risk your little one’s fingers.
  • The extra large pack comes with 20 pieces of locks with 3 magnetic keys providing good value of money.

The Downsides

  • Few users have complained against the adhesive coming off. It may have caused due to imprecise installation.
  • Doesn’t fit some of the drawers.

Final Word

It’s pleasant to see our babies grow up before our very eyes as the days go by. It’s definitely more pleasant to watch them take their tiny first steps. At the same time, we must be cautious about their safety when they become mobile enough to roam around the house. Installing safety cabinet locks is a great step to ensure their safety since the little curious minds always fancy exploring something new. The best child proof cabinet locks for your house depend on your furniture type, the ease of operation, appearance, and preference. Always check your cabinets and measure them before buying locks. Consider our options and get the best one to secure your kids as well as your household.

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