Best Mortise Locks in the Market and How You’ll Choose Them

We look for the best mortise locks for our doors in order to secure our rooms while also maintaining perfect appearances. But so many of us struggle to choose the right one since there are loads of door locks in the market of different types, quality, appearance, and cost.

In this article, we will present you with some of the quality mortise locks in the market. We have spent hours, looked into the nooks and crannies for the key facts and features and handpicked the ones that offer quality, protection, and great looks altogether. Also, for your ease, we have included a brief guide before the end that’ll help you select the best mortise locks without further trouble. So, let’s have a look at our top picks without further ado.


This mortise lock from Wright Products is one of the most convenient universal best mortise locksets you’ll finds these days. The escutcheon plates and levers of this lock come with a classical design that intensifies your door’s appearance.

The manufacturer claims to have patented its exclusive adjustable backset feature. With this feature, the lock replaces most of the mortise hardware having ¾” or 1” backsets. Moreover, it comes with a built-in deadbolt that offers additional security for the peace of your mind.

This classically designed mortise lock can directly replace most of the available door locks with mortise style. That’s why it can be called an ideal universal lock. It’s suitable for both indoor uses as well as outdoor. The whole hardware of this lockset, both inside and out is crafted with solid brass that never compromises with the look or quality. It’s also available in Satin Nickel finish. 

Its delicate lever curves continuously for a striking effect. It goes with both the traditional and modern decors and architectures. This lockset has a lock mechanism of integrated keyed deadbolt which offers additional optimum security. Once you have this lock installed, you’ll surely enjoy its extra smooth mechanism. The lock is also durable enough to withstand inflicted pressures. It hardly breaks or buckles. If you’ve been looking for an all in one door lock that maintains security and durability while having stunning looks, this mortise lockset could be the one you may consider.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Classically designed with polished brass inside and out.
  • Easily fits any out-swinging metal storm with 1”-1-½” thickness.
  • Able to replace most of the mortise style locks.
  • Includes a pin-tumbler lock, and also an inner knight/day knob.
  • Hassle-free install.
  • Smooth mechanism guarantees peace of mind.
  • Comes with an integrated keyed deadbolt locking mechanism.

The Drawbacks

  • Doesn’t fit some of the Anderson or Emco storm doors.

Wright Products VMT115SN Mortise Set - Serenade Style, Satin Nickel

This is the satin nickel version of the similar Wright Products mortise set we’ve covered above. Similar to its fellow serenade style mortise set, this classically designed lockset fits into most of the door pockets available in the market. The solid versatility of this model of Wright Products lockset is something that makes it stand out.

It provides you with such super smooth a locking mechanism when you turn its handle and also when you turn the key. It offers you comfortable opening and closing of the door. You’ll hardly feel jerks while operating. The clean looking satin nickel lockset unit fits into either ¾-inch or 1-inch backsets while it fits any door having a thickness of 1-⅛-inch to 2-inch. It includes a one-sided lock as well as a knight/day knob inside. A standard pin-tumbler key is included in this set. You’ll also find a built-in keyed deadbolt.

Replacing your mortise style door locks with this smooth locking mechanism gives you the leverage of reversible levers for doors both left hinged and right. Its gleaming metallic finish remarkably enhances the look of any traditional or present-day decor.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Clean looking satin nickel finish.
  • Fits all the 1-⅛-inch to 2-inch doors.
  • Easily adjustable with either ¾-inch or 1-inch backsets.
  • Comes with reversible levers for both right and left hinged doors.
  • A built-in keyed deadbolt is included.
  • Replaces any mortise style locks.
  • Smooth locking mechanism provides easy opening and closing.

The Drawbacks

  • Doesn’t fit some of the screen doors properly.

Prime-Line Products E 2497 Mortise Keyed Lock Set with Glass Knob

If you’re looking for something that will elegantly replace your antique door lockset, this mortise keyed lockset model could be the one you may consider. And it’s the precise choice if you love the delicacy of a traditional glass knob.

This decent lock with glass handle has been designed to give it a classic Victorian look. The key it comes with is a levered-lock key. It resembles the keys used for ages before the pin tumbler model ever developed. This solid and durable lock can be installed in interior doors with 1-⅜-inch and 1-¾-inch. This mortise keyed lockset fits doors with a backset of 2-⅜-inch. Like most of the decent fingerprint door locks these days, this lockset has a brass made plate while the steel made lock body adds up to its durability.

The installation is super easy as well as the usage. The archaic style key adds up to its vintage appearance. The glass knob enhances the overall aesthetic value with a modern structure.

The installation can be done both left handed and right handed. The lock’s bolt is activated by a key. You can do it from inside as well as outside. 

This product can prove to be a top choice steady lockset for your bedroom, bathrooms, and every other internal door.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stunning glass knob and brass plated steel trim increase the aesthetics of your interiors.
  • Perfect for doors with 2-⅜-inch backset.
  • Gives you options for both left and right-handed install.
  • With a classic Victorian look, it’s a perfect replacement for antique mortise locksets.
  • The key activated lock bolt is operated from both inside and outside providing fair enough privacy on bedrooms.

The Drawbacks

  • Some users have complained against the doorknob falling off due to loose screwing.

Prime-Line Products E 2495 Mortise Keyed Knob - Classic Bronze

This is another decent product from Primeline Products that has a delicate antique touch in its design. The round handled door lock replaces your broken antique lock sets with its classic archaic look.

The lock set uses a key that operates a lever lock mechanism. It’s similar to the keys that had been used for so many years ago. It looks a lot different than the pin tumbler models. Its plate is made of steel, the lock body is also solid steel made. And the appearance of this decent lock set is enhanced by the oil rubbed bronze. 

The faceplate is also made of steel. So the lock can be said solid enough. You can assemble this lock in your 1-⅜-inch and 1-¾-inch interior doors.

The installation can be done both left handed and right handed. You can do it easily. With this easy to use lock set, you’ll never have to struggle a bit with the opening and closing. The door lockset has a bolt that is activated by key from both inside and outside. The presentable lock not only increases the aesthetics of your bedroom or any of your interiors. It’s also steadier than most of the door locks in the market to provide you with satisfactory security and privacy.

The classic bronze finished steel cased mortise lock is a great choice overall if you’re looking for something ideal for updating your interior door hardware. It neither compromises the look nor the privacy. But since it uses a round knob, it needs to be kept dry while turning. The grip may slip otherwise.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Classic bronze finished set gives perfect looks to your interiors. Ideal for updating or replacing antique interior door hardware.
  • Can be easily assembled on 1-⅜-inch and 1-¾-inch doors.
  • Solid steel made lockset offers satisfactory durability.
  • Installation can be done both left handed and right handed.
  • Key activated bolt can be operated from both inside and outside.

The Drawbacks

  • May get jammed even without bolting.

Marks Hardware 91A-RH Mortise Lock, Right Hand

Naturally, we choose door locks based on our two different priorities. Either we prioritize the look or the security. If security is your prime concern and not the looks, you must consider this solid product from Marks Hardware. It’s a sturdy piece of decent professionalism in its mechanism that’s confident of impressing anybody.

The solid lock set is made of high-tech robust materials and quality parts. The Amityville, New York-based manufacturers of this superb mortise lock have engineered such a mechanism in it that it withstands pressures of an impressive 550 pounds torque.

This model has a Fire rating of 3 Hour by the Underwriters Laboratories. So you understand the durability and strength it brings. But the thing that impressed me the most is the company’s willingness to stand beside their customers to justify their claims. The company offers each of its customers a lifetime warranty.

This lock set has two variations of size. It comes with 2-½-inch and 2-¾-inch backsets. The set also has a 1-inch throw deadbolt, a rocker switch for the locking and unlocking outside the knob, 2 pieces of threaded spindles, a 5-pins cylinder of 1-¼-inch and polished brass plated knobs with screws.
This lockset is a personal favorite of mine, I honestly admit. With so many things to offer besides its super strength, this lockset is the real deal.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stainless steel made solid lockset plated with solid brass.
  • Withstands pressures of astonishing 550 pounds torque.
  • ANSI grade 1 lockset.
  • 3-Hours Fire rating by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Offers lifetime mechanical warranty.

The Drawbacks

  • No left-handed installation available.

Ideal Security Inc. SK1215ORB ML Lever Set with Keyed Deadbolt

If you’re looking forward to upgrading the simple push-button door handle of your screen door, this easy to use door handle might be a decent replacement. The luxurious storm door lockset comes with an exquisite lever handle with an innovative deadbolt that is operated by a key. The hardware looks great with numerous decor styles. It compatibilizes most of the pre-setup handles.

The latch features a push movement that opens easily. A key activated deadbolt is attached to the outside handle that provides you with further security. But also keep in mind that it isn’t a lock providing high security.

The installation of this set is pretty easy. And for your convenience, the manufacturers have included all the necessary spindles and screws to fit 1” to 1-⅛” thick doors in the package.

Installing this lockset anew may not take more than 40-60 minutes. You’ll just need to drill a new ⅞” hole for the key.

The lockset fits the 1-inch to 2-⅛-inch storm doors. It uses 2 posts, unlike other brands that use 4 posts. It’s fastened to the inside face and cannot connect to the handle outside.

This lockset is could prove to be a fine choice for the interior of your house but make sure you verify a few things before making any purchase. Carefully check the configurations and dimensions of the door handle set you already have. Avoid looking-alike sets that are available in the market.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Polished looking classy door lockset.
  • Comes with interior latch, key activated deadbolt, and a lever handle.
  • Spindles are included for perfectly fitting 1-inch to 2-⅛-inch doors.
  • All the necessary components are included for easy and hassle-free installation.

The Drawbacks

  • Doesn’t work on inner-swinging storm and screen doors.

Global Door Controls 1-1/8 in. Mortise Lock Body with Deadbolt Function in Duronotic

This Global Door Controls 1-⅛-inch mortise lock is a great choice for commercial doors. It has a long enough deadlock mechanism that fends off intruders by hindering prying and wrecking. A hardened steel made pin is hidden inside its structure. This mortise lock suits any aluminum door as well, thanks to its versatility.

It’s equipped with a hard lock body that is equally durable. It’s also compatible with A/R (Adams Rite) cams. This mortise lock can also be used to replace the old lockers. This superb DIY solution has an elegantly built flat faceplate. The deadbolt mechanism comes really handy for using this mortise lock on most entry doors having steel frames. Moreover, it accepts most thumb turns. The non-handed lock can be installed on both left and right handed doors. The whole solid built unit can easily be adjusted for reversing. The necessary nuts and bolts come with the package. The product also fits most of the standard mortise cylinders as a cheaper solution.

The installation can be done within 10-15 minutes. All the installation hardware are included in the package. The lock provides you with additional security with its Duronotic finish.

With a steel laminated bolt, you'll get the maximum security. Even though it has a basic lock body to fit most of the doors, the lock is pretty durable. This easy-to-install and easy-to-use a lock could prove to be a great replacement for your old or broken locks.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comes with a backset of 1-⅛-inch.
  • Simply designed lock body with a flat faceplate.
  • Non-handed lock. It’s easily reversible. Can be installed any way you like.
  • Super easy to install and use compared to other locks in this article. Moreover, the package includes all the necessary installation hardware.
  • A laminated steel bolt is reinforced by a steel pin to ensure enhanced protection.

The Drawbacks

  • A few customers had issues with the fitment. It’s recommended to check and match the dimensions carefully before purchasing.

Global Door Controls Double Zinc Mortise Cylinder in Aluminum

Here’s another high-quality product from Global Door Controls. It offers you some distinct features and traits that significantly add to your overall security.

This aluminum made strongly built single brass cylinder is fairly durable. Modern tools and materials have been used in its making to ensure complication free use.

Due to its quality building materials, it withstands quite a many harsh impacts. So, you get a more secure indoor experience. With a 1” body length, it fits most of the standard doors. This versatile product has a diameter of standard 1-5/32-inches.

So, you’ll hardly face any difficulties while using this lockset with a number of applications as well. The 5/16-inch stamped trim ring helps make the installation easier. The double zinc mortise cylinder in the aluminum lockset also boasts a 5-pin Schlage “C” keyway that makes the usage more convenient.

Moreover, it has the A/R cam (Adams Rite). The delicate aluminum finish enhances the overall appearance of your interior.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 1-inch of body length.
  • Features the A/R cam (Adams Rite).
  • The package includes a 5/16” stamped trim ring.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • A strongly made single solid brass cylinder offers high durability.
  • Comes with 2-keys. So never get locked out again losing a key since you’ll always have a spare one.

The Drawbacks

  • A few customers had complaints against the key fitment.

FPL #3-45-S Sliding Glass Door Mortise Lock with Adapter Plate

This is a special mortise lock on our list that specializes in securing your glass doors as well as vinyl doors. Measuring 6-⅛” from in length, this lock also works fine on aluminum doors. It takes loads of up to 1000 pounds, thanks to its high durability.

Moreover, security adapters can also be added to this lock with a ½” thickness. This mortise lock has a faceplate with a rounded end. So, you can use it on wooden doors. It also resists corrosions. The lock boasts a yellow zinc dichromate finish while it’s made of stainless-steel materials. You can also use it on sliding doors too. The installation of this locking mechanism is pretty easy. In between its two holes, the strike plate measures 3-11/18”.

You have a number of options to choose from. They include oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, polished brass, bright zinc, and polished brass.

The lock provides you with convenience while using it, thanks to a flipper it has on its latch. You’ll have no trouble with the opening and closing.

The lock’s adjustable hook measures 1-⅛” in its body or shaft. The strike plate is ¾-inch thick, and it fits perfectly on most of the doors. The Pella locks can easily be replaced with this all steel build. You can also choose the suitable screw hole size from 3-11/16-inch, 4-⅝-inch, and 5-⅜-inch sizes.

The mortise lock withstands high humidity, and therefore, it works fine on sliding glass doors. The adjustable hook helps it withstand any forced entry. A 45-degree hub is included for the keyway. All the installation hardware are included in the package for your ease. You can heavily consider this heavy-duty lock for good enough security for your glass door.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy stainless-steel materials are used for its making with a yellow zinc dichromate finish.
  • Highly durable door lock endures loads of up to 1000 lbs.
  • Replaces your aluminum, vinyl, and wooden sliding door.
  • Comes with a round ended faceplate, an adjustable hook, a 45-degree hub, and 5-⅜” screw holes.
  • Various different finishes are available for the perfect match on your door hardware.
  • A flipper in its latch ensures easy operation.

The Drawbacks

  • Retraction takes a little force according to some users.

Important Factors to Check Before Buying Best Mortise Locks

“The higher the price, the higher the quality” do you believe this motto? If you do, then my suggestion will be to forget it, or at least for the time being. Do not consider price as the benchmark of quality of a best mortise lock. Many inferior mortise locks in the market have illogically higher price tags. Some of them are based on how you see the packaging or how the lock is designed. But that’s not what should be the real deal. There are people who bought locks for their design and repented afterward when they failed. So, what are the things you should consider to buy a proper lock? There are some key factors which you should consider and check carefully. Stay along with the rest of this article and you’ll know.


You have to have the mechanism checked before making any purchase. You won’t want a jerky lock that makes you struggle with the opening and closing. You’ll definitely want something that offers smooth movement.

Ease of Locking

How frustrating it would be if you need to put the key in three times before making a successful turn? Do check how convenient the inserting and turning of the key is before buying a door lock.

Materials Used

Is your potential door lock made of unprotected or untreated steel? Does it have any sturdy metallic part it its construction? The durability of your lock largely depends on the materials used in it. Don’t forget to check it.


Do make sure the handle of your door lock is easy to hold and operate. There are different types of handles. A round polished handle may sometime seem slippery, and therefore, hard to turn.


Yes, the design does matter after all. You’ll always want your door to look beautiful. A nicely designed mortise lock can add up to the aesthetic of not only your door but also your interior. Buy a lock that goes with your home design for the ultimate satisfaction.

Additionally, there are locks in the market with different finishes. You can pick from brass, brushed nickel, classic bronze, satin nickel and more. Consider these facts and pick the one that suits your demand.

Final Word

Choosing the best mortise locks for your doors is a tough task after all since you’ll not want to repair or replace them any time soon. At the same time, they need to match your home design, and obviously, they must provide you with good enough security.

Keeping in mind a few key factors helps you lessen the hassle of choosing the most suitable one. The security level your door needs, whether you’ll use it for internal doors or external, and what design you prefer are some key elements you’ll need to consider.

Best mortise locks can be used on almost anything. You’ll find it on dollhouses as well as bank vaults, windows, skylights, patio doors and of course, bedrooms. The quality of these mortise locks should be based on the required functionality and complexity of security of a particular setup. The price varies based on a lock’s complexity and brand. But there are also lousy ones with a higher price which you must do away with. Consider the options from our list, consider these facts and pick the one that fits within your budget.

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