The Cobra Puck Lock

When it comes to Cobra puck locks, you should know that there are many options to choose from. Cobra puck locks are typically used for the purpose of preventing unwanted guests from entering your home or business premises when you’re not around. Cobra puck locks can be installed without any hassle and is a simple way to keep yourself safe when away from home or work!

In this blog post, we will review Cobra’s Puck Lock line in detail. In particular, we’ll discuss the different types of Cobra Pucks available including The Cobra Standard Puck Locks, The Cobra Heavy Duty Steel Cylinder Pucks, and more!

Cobra puck locks are one of Cobra’s most popular products as they provide a unique way to secure your home. Cobra Puck Locks can be installed on both interior and exterior doors, eliminating the need for additional security hardware.

Cobra has been in business since 1963! Carrying some of the highest quality door-security products on the market today, Cobra is a brand you can trust.

Cobra stands behind their product 100% with first-rate customer service and an industry-leading warranty – each lock comes with a lifetime limited warranty no matter what type it is! If you’ve ever had issues with losing keys or having problems removing them from your pocket all day long, then look into purchasing Cobra Standard or Heavy Duty Steel Cylinder pucks.

Cobra also has a wide variety of locks for sliding glass doors, trunk/hatchback compartments, and more.

Cobra Puck Lock

The Cobra puck lock secures your home or business by adding an additional layer of security to your existing door hardware.

The Cobra’s unique design combines patent-pending technology with the strength of steel to form our simple yet effective solution that is easy to install on all types of exterior and interior doors.

These pucks are available in three options: Standard Cylinder (keyed alike), Heavy Duty Steel Cylinders (keys not interchangeable) & Keyed Alike. They eliminate the need for both deadbolts & strike plates while providing superior protection forced entry.


The Cobra Puck Lock is a product that has been designed with the user in mind. It’s easy to use, it won’t damage your property, and you can get one for yourself at the company website! Do you have any questions about this innovative new lock? Leave them below or shoot us an email–our team would love to hear from you.

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