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What is a Puck Lock?

To understand the PUCK lock, you need to check how it evolved. Padlocks have been securing everything from storage units to tackle boxes for as long as anyone one of us can remember. One thing common to the traditional looking padlocks is the shackle. The shackle comes in many different lengths and widths depending on the padlock body size and what this is locking up.

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You wouldn’t put a padlock with a 2-inch body and a 3/8 inch shackle on a tackle box, that would weigh more than the tackle box itself. The PUCK lock has invented because the major attach point of any padlock is the shackle.

The smaller the shackle diameter is, the easier it is to cut. For larger shackles, a larger pair of bolt cutters are used. The second attack point is where the shackle enters into the padlock body. This point is attacked by using a hammer and hitting the body where the shackle enters it.

How does a Puck Lock work?

A locking system has a base, a receiver, a bolt assembly, and at least one link member. The bolt assembly has a bolt that slides through the link members and the base, and into the receiver. The bolt assembly has an endplate with a padlock tab that projects through a slot in a plate on the link member.

Each link member has another plate with a padlock tab that can projects through a slot in a plate on the base or a slot on an adjacent link member. The padlock tabs each have a padlock aperture for a padlock or a puck lock. Removal of a lock allows a user to slide the bolt out of the receiver.
I have included one video which shows how this lock works.

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What is a puck lock used for?

Over the years the PUCK lock has increased in popularity and features.  Puck locks are used in many places however, here we mention a few areas where it's specially used. 

  • It is used to secure truck rear and side doors.
  • It is used in RV's to secure doors
  • You can use it to secure your personal belonging in any public locker. 

How do you open a lock if you have lost the key?

Opening a puck lock without a key follows the same set of principles that every other lock does - pick it, bypass it, or break it.

Pick It

Pick the lock if you have a lock-picking set or a pen and a small Allen key. Hold the lock in your left hand. Start with a round hook pick tool (torque wrench), or the metal pocket clip from a push pen.

Bypass it

Bypassing a lock simply means that you open the lock without operating the lock at all. 

Break It

The last way is to open the puck is to break it. 

How to choose the best puck lock?

Here are some tips to choose a puck lock. 

  • The first thing to consider is the material used to make the lock. Some of the most reliable materials which are ideal for making puck locks include stainless steel, fortified aluminum, and nickel. The harder the material is, the more difficult it will be to drilling and melting attacks.
  • Consider the brand before making the buying decision. Because renowned always offers the best quality of products. So must consider the brand when choosing the puck lock. Feel free to check our tips for selecting the correct brand for puck locks.
  • Pick one that has solid construction without any exposed points of weakness.
  • If you intend to use the puck lock for outdoor application, then it should be made from non-corrosive materials. So consider this factor with importance to buy the puck lock.
  • Ideally, the best puck locks are demurely designed, because inconspicuous padlocks do not draw attention to your vehicle, which makes it hard for thieves to suspect that you have valuables in your car.


Your asset is valuable, so secure it by using a proper puck lock. Some shackles can be very easily cut with bolt cutters. The Hockey Puck padlock was designed to combat this by not having a visible shackle.

It has an internal shackle that is operated by the lock cylinder. When the lock is opened it moves down and out, this moves the shackle to an open position. These are the main reasons why puck lock is very secure and hard to break.

If you are interested to buy puck locks then visit my other article where I have specified the top 10 puck locks from top brands. 

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